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Excellent camp!!! There are many other coaches at the camp other than UTC's coaches. So your player will get exposure to different schools of different sizes. The facilities and housing are excellent. The format of this camp is great for teams to get a lot of scrimmage type practice that are otherwise limited by the TSSAA. In my opinion this camp is worth fundraising for.
-TN High School coach

We have attended the UTC Camp for the past four years and have been pleased for several reasons. Great facilities and lodging. Excellent coaching. We have been working with a college head coach and have been very pleased with his coaching. The girl's have been very receptive to his coaching style and I learn something I can bring home and use with our team as well. Prior to each camp, I have dialog with the coaching staff and specifically with My college head coach and I am able to give him some insight into our program and our goals for the week. This makes the experience very team specific and maximizes our time on the field. If we don't need to work on instep passing we can move on to zonal defending or something more advanced. As the camp progresses new plans often have to be made to address certain deficiencies. I meet with him and the other coaches each night and talk about different activities, ideas and coaching philosophies. I like this and it works for us.
-TN High School coach


Rooming accommodations and food are great. Plus, we like being in downtown Chattanooga. We regularly walk downtown to check out the riverfront and sometimes over the pedestrian bridge to Clumpy's for ice cream. Kyzer’s Soccer camp offers us a way to get away from Middle Tennessee which is great for team building purposes. This is the best time for most girls because of the opportunity to explore a city as a team. We always come back with great memories and a greater sense of camaraderie. Can you get this from attending other camps? Maybe, but this works for us.
-TN High School coach


Are all of the girl's on the team recruited by college coaches? No. Some girls don't want to play college, some girls want to play college but don't want to admit it because if they don't get a college scholarship they feel like they don't deserve to play. Whatever the scenario, I do know this. Several of my players have been recruited after being recognized at this camp at the camp and others had meaningful discussions concerning the prospect of playing soccer in college. I am glad that other players at least left with the confidence to openly consider playing soccer at the collegiate level. Will an assistant college coach or high school coach that is working a camp be able to offer this experience, no. This is what sets UTC apart from other camps and appeals to our program.

Great learning experience, chance to experience a little bit of what college life is like, learn soccer, and have fun! Well worth the money.
-TN High School coach


Been to the UTC camp for 6years and plan on being back this summer. Perhaps that should speak for itself. The girls not only enjoy the week as teenagers away from home, but also get a great jump on training for the season. The training has always been team specific and competition has been appropriate. I can echo the other comments on accommodations and food, superb. Not sure how many other camps can offer a college head coach for each team at camp. That said, while none of the girls have been recruited by UTC, they have been by other coaches at the camp. The exposure to that many different networking coaches can be an asset; however, the bottom line for me as a coach goes beyond the chance for the girls to play in college, 98% of mine have not! The bottom line is what does this camp offer us as a team: training, competition, and team building. All of these we have received year after year, in a challenging environment on the field, and a safe, secure and hospitable environment on campus.

-Bill McClay, Elizabethton HS


I have taken my team to this camp the last two years and have gotten great results. This camp gives the players an excellent opportunity to get their touch back on the ball, spend quality time with good instructors (ours is always from the same college and she does a great job with the girls) but most importantly it gives the girls a chance to spend time together out of their comfort zone. Any out of town camp will do this, I simply enjoy Chattanooga because of the great facilities, great staff they have, and the organization of the camp. The last three years at our post season banquet my girls talk about their best memory from the years coming from camp. Not who we beat, how many games, we won, or anything else......but rather the great experiences they had at camp. Any time you go to a residential camp you afford your players the opportunity to create these types of memories, but for us as coaches, we also have to make sure they are getting something positive out of it as soccer players. Our coach is from the University of West Georgia and she does a great job with challenging our girls and helping us get ready for the season. The College head coach and I talk often times during the regular season, whether she is just checking to see how the girls are doing, or offering advise from things she observed during the camp week, we have built a solid relationship and i always look forward to our girls having the opportunity to work with her. Coach Kyzer does a great job giving us coaches a chance to interact with one another and talk about soccer and pick each others brains. it is a great situation.
-GA High School coach


I know for a fact that we have taken our program to a new level and the team camp at UTC has been an integral part of our preparation the last two years. The bottom line is that we as coaches should always be looking for new ways to make our programs better and make the experience better for our players. We have found great success with this, some have found it with others. Wherever you find that success you need to simply find it and assure that your players get the most out of their high school soccer experience.
-TN High School coach

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